I just wanna say something. You know, thanks for taking me to meet someone who changed my life and thanks for taking me to a place where I could be myself.

But you just don’t understand what he means to me or what they mean to me. And don’t go saying yes you do because news flash you don’t. You think you do, but you don’t. All of them, they are some of the realest friends I’ve ever made in my life. Don’t say oh what about her or those other kids from school. Sometimes you realize you were only friends with people at school just because you saw them 5 days a week. So thanks for taking that away from me. And they, mainly him….you have kept taking that away from me several times now, I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore. So thanks, thanks a lot.

And you don’t need to feel bad because you’ve done this before, I mean you have better things to do….that’s what matters. It gets things done so it’s cool right.