People always say what’s beauty without a brain and I agree. After all good looks can only get you so far. But how I see it, yes I have beauty and yes I do a brain…..but sometimes I feel like all I have is my brains. I feel that if I didn’t have my brain I wouldn’t  have anything, I’d be nothing. I don’t do anything outside of my education like extra curricular thus my brain is all I have. The only reason a college would want is for the grades on a paper, nothing else. And now a days grades aren’t even enough so I will be lucky if I get in. I’m trying to take all these AP aka college leveled classes but it’s only giving me stress and anxiety. A college wants me based off grades on a paper. Read that again. Since when do grades say the type of person I am. I’m caught up trying to maintain all straight A’s because I know how colleges work, it doesn’t mean I like how they do. I may not be in clubs or do sports but besides acing all my classes I film YouTube videos. I spend a lot of time filing and editing putting all my creativity into my videos. I’m connecting with people and voicing my opinion, I’m actually being me. The education system has taken away creativity. Colleges don’t take students in based off their creativity, they do it based on grades. And honestly sometimes keeping up my grades have stressed me out so much I’ve considered taking a break on my YouTube channel. But those videos I post make me happy, they are honestly what I get excited for each week. My channel is worth the stress I get, but school I question sometimes. So deep down I am a beauty with a brain, but I also am someone who sits in my room and talks to a camera. And if a college doesn’t accept me for voicing my opinion that’s okay, it’s not my loss because why would I wanna be somewhere that I’m not appreciated. And if a college takes me for my grades, it’s okay because that’s how this world works.