What’s the point in pointing out someone’s flaws or imperfections? Does it make them any less of a person for being different? Because in the end of things it only makes you look bad, not them. Being hurtful or a bully to others doesn’t make you cool, it makes you immature and inconsiderate of others feelings. It’s truly disgusting to see other people break down others. We are all human. People get so mad that others are so called “fake” when all they are doing is putting up their walls since people judge and hurt those who are different. Why is everybody scared of something different? You know how boring it’d be if everyone was the same. Their would be absolutely no individuality. There isn’t such a thing as perfect. So why break down others when we could build them up for being true to themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with being “fake”.

It’s good to protect ourselves.

But still stay true to yourself. Don’t change who you are for anyone else except yourself.