It’s crazy to try to think of what it’s like to drown? There is many ways to drown if you really think about it. But we usually think of someone drowning in water. They are above water trying to stay at the surface and get help. They are panicking and don’t know what to do. They slowly begin to sink. It’s to the point where they are gasping for there last breathe before they submerge under. And then they go. They fall under, run out of air and become unconscious. They sink to the bottom. They’re dead.

Lots of people not only drown in water but in there own thoughts. There own thoughts eat them alive. It puts this weight on there chest making them feel as if it’s incapable of them to breathe. And these thoughts just get heavier and heavier. They don’t seem to ever go away. It comes to points where death seems like it’s easier to let go of all the weight, that it’s easier to just sink then put up a fight. But just like a person can be saved when drowning in water, so can a person be saved from drowning in their own thoughts. You just need that person to grab you and pull you up from below. To get that weight off your chest so you can breathe. Whether that person is yourself or someone close to you or even a stranger……you can still be saved. Don’t let go. Let someone in. Let someone remind you what it was like to be happy. Don’t sink. Don’t drown in your thoughts.

There’s so much more fight left in you.