No one really paid attention. They may have thought they did but they hadn’t. They saw what everyone else did. They didn’t take a second glance. They didn’t notice the tear stains upon her cheek or how a light never shined in her eyes. They couldn’t see how she kept to herself and why she didn’t trust people. No one saw how much she tried to devote her self to things she loved, only to be ruined or to be unsupported. No one saw who she was. They only saw what they wanted her to be. 

But that’s the thing. No one ever takes a second glance. They look and if you don’t appeal to them then that’s it. They don’t look at the small little quirks you have. They don’t look at the pain you’ve faced. They don’t take the time to find all the mysteries that you’ve hidden inside that beautiful brain of yours.

So she quit trying and continuously tried new disguises so no one would ever know who she really was.

And ever since then, she became her own mystery-herself not even knowing who she was.