And it was the moment he said,

“What are you covering? I already saw your scars. So there’s nothing to hide.”

He had said this in front of everyone. Not even considering how I would feel. Not even thinking how insecure it made me and how it made me want to just disappear completely.

In that moment I realized something…..

People can be completely inconsiderate and clueless. And can we just take a deep breathe and read that again. People can be completely inconsiderate and clueless. Never tell me I don’t understand what your going through, cause you might not know but I’ve gone through it too. But when we talk about it, I act like I have absolutely know idea how it’d feel to struggle because I know not to trust people. Because I don’t want YOU or ANYBODY to know exactly what I’ve gone through. Because you will just leave. They all do. So never tell me I don’t understand. Because I’m more aware then you think. But maybe next time, you should be more aware.

Because in that moment when he said that….

I didn’t want to exist anymore.