Everything and anything between us, burn it. Burn it all. The movies we watched, the gifts we gave each other….most importantly, burn the memories. I want to live my life and completely depart that thought that me and you actually had something. I’m so ashamed of us ever happening. Not because it didn’t work out. But because I deserved better. And I’m so sorry to say that because that must be hard to hear but it’s the truth. I shouldn’t just settle for less. You were falling, and I was just watching you as you fell into a dead end. Because the truth is, while you were falling for me….I was falling for someone else. The only thing that came out of this, was you helped me realize that we were never meant to be….but me and him, he’s who I belong to. So I’m so sorry, but let’s face it. I deserve better and I know it. Goodbye. I never loved you.