Why am I mistreated?

Why am I so scared to say no?

Who knows?

It’s my fault, it’s my fault I done say no.

But I can’t help it if I’m terrified.

I can’t control that I grew up without a dad.

That scarred me. G

uys terrify me now.

I feel like they will hurt me if they don’t get there way.

But then I know once they get their way they will just leave. I

‘m terrified.

I can’t just live like this.

How do I stop being afraid?

I just don’t know what will happen once I say no, I just want it to stop.

Help me.

It’s my own fault, but I can’t help it.

Why do I have to be so scared?

So congrats, if you wanted to know my worst fear….it’s guys.

Especially being yelled at by one.