“You are asking me about my first kiss..?”


“Well you see…”


“It hasn’t happened yet.”

“And why is that?”

“I’m waiting for the right guy.”

“So you just haven’t met the one then?”

“No, I’ve fallen madly in love with this boy. He does exist. I know him and I know him well. Quite frankly, I’ve loved him for years now.”


“Well you see, I’ve never had the chance to kiss him. But for him I’d be willing to give him my all.”

“And how would your kiss be? Where?”

“I honestly don’t know nor do I care. I don’t need any grand gesture. Because what makes it a good kiss is who it’s with not when or where. So we could be on the street or on a couch or at a restaurant. It doesn’t matter. Because it’d be the best first kiss ever just because it was with him. Even if I sucked at kissing. I’d love it.”

“So you are waiting this long for this first kiss with the guy of your dreams yet you don’t care if it’s not some big gesture.”

“Because if all I want is this grand gesture, then I’m in love with what he could give me not him. But I want him to know I love him. Maybe my first kiss will be my last with him or maybe it won’t. But it’s worth a try.”

“Worth a try?”

“Well sometimes when a girl kisses a guy they fall in love with her?”

“But this isn’t a fairytale.”

“I was hoping just once I could have one.”


“Because there has been a lot of bad things in my life and he was a good thing.”


“I just want him to stay.”


“Nobody else has.”