I don’t think people take me seriously when I say if I could leave town and not tell anybody I would.

I don’t like goodbyes and most people in my life don’t deserve a goodbye.

I love being a mystery.

So give me an opportunity and I will.

I will act completely fine and make people think that I will stay for years.

Next thing you know, you never hear from me again.

But that’s just me.

I can pick up and leave in a heart beat.

But that’s what I want and that’s what I like.

I don’t have any attachment to anyone, I don’t have any feelings towards anyone – it won’t hurt me at all.

Truth is, I’ve gotten bored of this town and the people in it.

I’m done with the drama and the fake friendships.

I want something new, and I’m okay with putting everything behind me.

Call me heartless but it’s who I am.