His hazel brown eyes looked into mine

But he swiftly turned away as time passed by

You didn’t smile at me

You just had a straight face

It makes me feel like it was something I did

Like I did something wrong

Or I didn’t look good enough

I’m still unsure

And as you disappeared

My heart began to shatter

While the lump in my throat grew

It physically pained me so much 

And it still does

Yet I’m here still thinking of you

Wondering how you are

And if you’re okay

Wanting to know if you are happy 

But you are somewhere off doing whatever

Not evening thinking of me

Not even remembering me

And it hurts, of course it does

But it only hurts for me and not you

Oh if our roles were switched you’d understand

You’d get why I feel like I’m dying inside

And you’d know why I feel unloved

You’d get why I’m blaming yourself

And you’d know why I’d be wondering about all the possibilities of what went through your mind when you saw me

But as of now I think I’ll just lay on the ground and pull my knees to my chest

As I close my eyes and the tears drain

And as I whimper and talk to myself 

Until I can’t handle it anymore

While you get in your nice car and drive off to the bar with no worries or problems

Not even being phased by my irrelevant pain