I already know we can’t be together so why am I staying…

Because I want us to be together.

I guess I’m just hoping maybe I can make you fall for me

And I mean fall so hard you’d try to change

To better yourself

And to let us be together

And I know I can’t change anyone

Because people can only change if they want to

But what if you cared enough 

I mean you probably won’t

And you probably can’t

Because despite your addiction of me

Your addiction of smoking will always be stronger

And it’s sad

It hurts to say

But face it when I say

You always had more fun with a blunt in your hand

Instead of holding mine

But then I think again

Because when your with me

And we’re so close

It becomes you and me

And I see a different side of you

A side of you that doesn’t talk about smoking

Or is craving a blunt

I see the side where you talk about us

And you’re craving me

I see a side of you that I like a lot when we’re alone

But with certain friends the other side comes back 

Even with my friends

I just don’t know 

The longer I stay

The more I’ll get hurt 

But it’s okay

You can hurt me