They always told me I would meet someone who would change my mindset. 

I denied it because I didn’t believe I was capable of feeling so much that I would change just for someone. 

And then he came into my life and there it was. 

I changed. 

Instantly I wanted a relationship. 

But only with him. 

Out of no where I wanted to give away my first kiss. 

But only to him. 

Suddenly, I was ready to be vulnerable. But only with him. 

Quickly, I felt I was capable to give someone all my love. 

But only to him. 

And I realized I was wrong and I hated it. But I accepted it because it meant I’d be his. 

And then that’s when it happened. 

He fooled me. 

He hurt me. 

He broke me. 

He left me. 

And I remembered why I always denied what they said. 

Because I’m undeserving of love.