best friendDear best friend,

We have been friends since the 5th grade. You are crazy, fun, loving, caring, sweet, pretty, and so much more. Some basic things we have in common is we both understand how we feel, love volleyball, art, the color blue, want to live in Los Angeles, and so much more. We enjoy just talking, chilling, and meeting YouTubers/Viners. The most fun we had is going to Los Angeles to attend a YouTube convention called VidCon 2014 and going to Las Vegas to attend an Austin Mahone concert.

Dear best friend,

So I guess you took your own life. I guess you committed. I guess stuff just got too much to handle. I guess you needed a better anchor than me as a best friend. When I found out, I completely shut down. I became dead inside. it feels like I’m missing apart of my life, even apart of my heart. I don’t have anyone who understands what I feel and go through now. Now no one knows who I truly am now, you were the only one. I chose not to move to Los Angeles anymore like we had always planned because we thought it’d be cool to be roommates during college once we graduated from high school. I couldn’t move there without thinking of you. I’m honestly so lost. I feel I could’ve done something, that I could’ve prevented it. I feel like I did something, that I did something wrong. I guess I’ll never know.