regretI will be here and when you come, you do. Just know depending on how ever many years or if you even do come back at all it won’t mean that I will be willing to take you back. Years later……..Yeah you came back, and look what happened….in all this time you hurt me. They ask me why you let everyone hurt you and not do anything about it. Well it’s because I care for them and I will never stoop to their level. You have been out having fun while I have been living in the shadows. Maybe that’s fair to you…it’s not fair to me or even us. It’s just messed up in all. What you did to me hurt me like no other…it was like you jabbed a knife in me. Just letting me bleed out and being so oblivious to the pain you caused me. I want to not feel the pain but pain demands to be felt. But guess what, I’m dead now. That twisting was too much to handle after a while so I figured just to let go and be gone. You killed me…..and I don’t know if I can come back. So do you think it’s too late?……I think it might be…..or can you save me?…..all I know is that deep down I still love you. Yet the fact you shattered my heart into a billion little pieces, I could still gather all those pieces and put them back in your hands asking you to fix me cause you’re the only one who can. What am I supposed to do when the only person who can stop me from crying made me cry? Exactly…you don’t know and I don’t know. Have you looked at your hands recently…..cause I think my tears and blood are there from what you did to me mentally…why am I always the victim? You should take a look in the mirror because I’m staring at a monster that causes hurt and heartbreak… tell me now how does the heartbreaker feel now that they are heartbroken?…..goodbye, thanks for being my only regret.

                                                                                                                        Forever & Always,


I was always yours, but you were never mine </3