You know what…maybe he was right. Maybe I should’ve never associated myself with you. Let’s face it. My parents would hate you. I couldn’t give you what you want. And I don’t know what I want. I was stupid. I felt too much in a short amount of time yet I’m here feeling like I wasn’t good enough. As if there was something that I could’ve done  to make you care for me. It’s like I’m always in this place. Where I just can’t give you what you want. Yes I’m a virgin. Yes I’ve never kissed anyone. Yes I’ve always been single. And I’m sorry. I’m sitting here apologizing for who I am because you wouldn’t love me for who I was. I’m sorry I’m not as experienced. I’m sorry I didn’t want to move fast. I’m sorry I’m not good enough. So maybe I don’t smoke. So maybe I don’t drink. So what? Why does that make me not good enough? I didn’t try to change you. I actually tried to accept you for who you are when I shouldn’t have because it’s dangerous for me. I should’ve just left you when I could. But I didn’t. I convinced myself you were worth it. But why wasn’t I? Please tell me because I’m just going to tear myself apart over it. I already am. While your off getting high thinking of other girls. I’m probably the last thing on your mind, to be honest I’m probably not even on your mind. But it’s whatever right? Because you’re happy. ?