As I got up from his bed I felt sleepy. 

A little dizzy to be honest.

I looked in the mirror

And I just smiled

I fixed my hair a little

And I looked at him

I pretended like nothing was wrong

As I walked down the stairs

Almost tripping over myself

He walked me out to my car

And I just sat there and took deep breaths

I knew something wasn’t right 

As I drove home 

My vision was fuzzy 

And I reeked of him

I entered my house

And quickly avoided my mom and brother

I knew if they got near they’d smell me

I’d never be able to see him again

I instantly jumped in the shower

I just cried

I washed as thorough as I could 

Doing anything to stop the smell

As I felt me having difficulty breathing

I began to silence my anxiety 

I went to sleep scared to death

And I woke up scared to death 

It took so long for me to feel okay again

And finally

After weeks passed

I realized what he did to me

Without my knowledge 

He got me high