IMG_1688I love black roses. And when I say this I always hate people’s responses because they derive a negative connotation from it. They think I’m asking for attention or they think I’m a sad girl. Why can’t I just love black roses? All my life I’ve dreamed of the day I go to prom with a corsage and I pray my date makes sure it’s a black rose. I love black roses because not many people love them and I mean genuinely love them. They are almost like dead roses, people don’t choose them because they aren’t as beautiful as other opportunities. But I think that makes them even more beautiful, to be completely different than anything else. I love black roses because I am a black rose. Growing up not many people loved me, it at least felt that way. There was always someone better and prettier than me, everyone was always better and prettier. Like a dead rose, no one wanted to pick me – they just let me rot. It took me a few years before I saw, that I was the most beautiful thing – at least in my eyes and that’s what matters. That’s the only thing that will ever matter. Yes, there will always be someone prettier, better and even smarter than you but they aren’t you. And that’s the biggest difference out there. As long as you see you’re beauty that’s what matters. I will always love black roses because I want them to have someone who acknowledges their beauty since I had no one to do that for me. 


A black rose ?✨