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For two years I was in love with you

I loved someone who would never know I existed

Someone who would never get the opportunity to love me

Someone who would hurt me without knowing it 

I loved you

Love was a feeling

But I made a choice to continue to love you for two years

No matter how many days and nights I spent crying over you 

I continued to choose to love you 

Little did I know, right when we hit our two year mark

We’d see one another

Not meet but see

A moment where our eyes caught one another

And in that moment

By the way you looked at me

I just knew these two years spent loving you

Would never mean anything to you

For the next several months

I began to fall out of love with you

I constantly denied it and said I still loved you

But I knew I was choosing to stop

I was choosing to let someone else in

Doing this may have possibly been the best and worst thing I chose to do 

Because I’d rather love someone and have them not love me back

Instead of loving someone and being fooled into believing they love me back

You see, someone else came into my life

And it felt amazing to be wrapped in someone’s arms

And not imagine you

It felt so beautiful to actually be falling for someone 

Who I believed cared for me

Little did I know they didn’t

And that’s why maybe if I chose to be in love with you still

I would have never been hurt the way I did

I still care for you and always will

All I ever wanted for you was to be happy

I was just thrown back today when I heard you had a girlfriend today

I already knew you did for the past few months

But I thought it would kill me when you announced it 

But I didn’t really feel anything

I was just happy for you

And I guess it was just reassurance

That I don’t love you anymore

I’m not in love with you anymore 

But loving you was one of the best two years of my life