I went out to dinner last night

It was with my best friend

I told him everything

It was probably only ten when he said he had to go

My smile dropped

He asked me why

But I couldn’t tell him

I couldn’t tell him that if I went home now

You’d get home shortly after me

Your breath would reek of alcohol

You’d ask me where I was

You’d begin to yell at me

You’d begin grab me

You’d begin to shove me

Then I’d cry

And you’d tell me to shut up

And then you would slap me across the face

And I’d fall

And you’d apologize and pick me up

And I’d just cry

And you’d take me to our room

You’d begin to give me sloppy kisses

Thinking that would make everything better

And I’d just tell you to stop

You wouldn’t listen

So I’d tell you to get off

But you’d just get mad

And you’d continue until you got what you wanted 

And then it’d be 1 AM

My body would be bare and naked and used

You’d be passed out next to me

I’d go to take a bath thinking it would wash the memories away

And you’d wake up the next morning

And just say sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again

But you said that every night for the past 6 month

So that’s why when he asked me why

I just said because I missed him

And he said we’d catch up soon

So I got in the car and got home a quarter after ten

You got home a quarter before eleven

And it all started

I smelt your breath

You asked me where I was

You began to yell

And before I knew it

My body was bare, naked and cold 

Making it’s way to wash away the memories