I had a dream.
And it was of you.
But it was a nightmare.
I woke up crying.
You were yelling at me.
Grabbing me.
Really hard.
Like pulling my wrists.
I didn’t even know who you were anymore.
I couldn’t even be near you.
I was terrified.
I was scared of you.
And after you did all that.
You realized something.
And you came back to me.
And apologized.
And told me how you felt.
And I just kept saying no.
And backing away.
And I fell on the ground.
And I curled into a ball.
And I just kept saying no.
And I kept crying.
And you got down with me.
And now you just held me.
And you were begging me.
And you were crying.
Because I couldn’t forgive you.
I couldn’t let you in.
Because you were all of them.
You hurt me.
But even worse.
And I would’ve never seen that coming.
In a million years.