It was 1 AM
You were leaving my house
And I saw the tears welling up
But mine were dry as could be
But the sadness in my eyes
That was unforgettable
I asked you to just hold me
To give me one hug
Before you left
You wrapped me in your arms
And I just let go
Just tried to be yours
And you slowly pulled away
Looked at me w/ your beautiful
Brown eyes
And a tear fell
And words escaped your mouth
“I was good for you.
I did all I could.
I’ve tried to convince you.
But now, you’re hurting me.
I want to be with you.
But what if you never let me.
This could all be your game.
You pushed the one,
Good thing for you away.
I hope you’re happy.
I love you.
But I’m done.
And he let go of me.
And there was another tear
But it fell from my face
And my mouth quivered
And I broke.
I knew what I lost.
And I was crying.
But my insides felt numb.
I felt sad
But was that because
I just assumed that’s how I should feel.
What’s wrong with me?