makemesmallDo you expect everything to be okay?

Everything to be easy?
Most importantly do you expect everyone to be happy?
Do you expect everyone to stay in love with each other?
Well guess what, life isn’t always like that. I’m sorry to say but life can really be tragic. I learned it the hard way, and it crushed me completely.

Why would people let us grow up and raise us off of false facts?

It’s almost like they didn’t think it through and they just wanted us to hurt.

Who could be so crazy to do that?
Everything isn’t okay.

Everything isn’t easy.

Everyone isn’t happy.

Everyone sometimes just finds someone better to love.

But the truth is, we are all crazy.

Because there has been one point in our lives that we have gone mad. We all have a crazy side.

Why should we push it away? We should embrace it.

Like the Mad Hatter said “We all go a little mad.”