Good guys are myths
I had hoped that some existed
But they were just rare
But you showed me that they don’t
They are all bad guys
Just some are better at acting than others
And damn you deserve a Grammy
Cause you had me fooled
And I would have never seen this coming
And as I write this
I find myself still trying to protect you
Because I try to convince myself that you actually cared
And you just made a mistake
But is the only reason you’re apologizing
Is because I was strong enough to walk away
Was it just a line from your script
To get me to still be with you
So in a couple days
Or a couple months
Or whenever you thought was enough time
You’d do it all over again and again
Because you knew I’d keep quiet
But when I didn’t
You got scared
And apologized
In hopes that no one would hear my story
The story that you created
You made me a character in your movie
A movie that I didn’t sign up for
Especially if I knew this was the ending