I fall back in love with you every day
Sometimes I just wish you would’ve stayed
It’s funny cause I feel so strong
And I think I’m actually over you
And then there comes that day and boom
I realize
I’m still in love with you
I know it’s bad to say
And I’d be strong enough to not let it happen
But I always think
What if we had a second try
One more go at us
And I know they say it’s like reading the same book
And expecting a different ending
But maybe there would be
If we just tried again
But we can’t
One cause you just don’t care
But two I can’t take another heartbreak from you
But I’d let you break my heart all over again
If it meant I got to relive that happiness one more time
And get those sweet messages
Those cute pictures
Those loving looks you’d give me
Those promises…those empty promises
I’d let you hurt me again in a heartbeat
No questions
Just love
I’ll always have a soft spot for you
And love
Because you deserved it for the first month
You deserved all the love I gave at one point
It was when you changed when you didn’t
It was when the person I was in love with died when you didn’t
It was when you made me blame myself when you didn’t
It was when you couldn’t even end things in person when you didn’t
It was when you left so easily when you didn’t
But the person before that, the guy I fell in love with
I miss him
And I still wish he would just come back one day
And be like, where is she
And everyone will be like, who
And you’ll be like, my girlfriend
And they’ll tell you what happened
And you won’t believe them because it sounds like something you’d never do
And then you’d come to me
And beg me to forgive you
To give you another chance
I just want the person I fell in love with to come back
I loved him so much
I still love him
But he’s just fictional now
He’s lost in Mexico