It was one day. I noticed it just like that. I was having a really bad day.

So I looked at myself in the mirror so that I could point out the flaws that everyone else did. And then I looked at myself in the eyes.

They weren’t a beautiful dark brown color anymore. My eyes were black, completely black.

They looked so dark, hopeless, lost…….most of all they looked like sadness. It looked like they were consumed with negativity and that if anyone looked into them….they would consume them.

I would pull them into the dark side.

Ever since that day I look into the mirror and stare at my eyes. And they are just black. Completely black. I’m soulless let alone heartless. I’m so cold.

It’s not okay.

And I’m tired of people saying that I’m going to be okay when they don’t know. You shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep. It can completely ruin someone when they have lost hope and then you put a dash of hope in them. Little do they know that hope is going to be a set up to more disappointment. They don’t realize that they can’t do that to a person because it will only ruin someone more.

It will only make my eyes remain black.

It will make me completely emotionless.

It will make me disappear…..