It’s crazy
Almost insane
To think about how fake people can be
How long they can be fake for
And how well they fake everything
Fake friends
Fake relationships
Fake trust
Fake personalities
Fake support
It’s all fake
And then when you find out it’s all been fake
You look back at all the memories
All the pictures
All the secrets shared
And it’s fake
It was always fake
You don’t know what was real
If anything was ever actually
So you’re left to feeling hurt
Because you let that person in
And they turned their back on you
They were talking behind your back the whole time
And they don’t apologize
They don’t
They’re just toxic
And you see all the red flags you chose to ignore
All the signs that said be careful
But you wanted to have an open mind
You wanted to give someone a chance
And that was your biggest mistake
That made you look like a fool
Everything’s fake
Don’t trust anybody
All you have is yourself