deathIt’s mind blowing actually.

Death is almost like a cloak that covers someone and then they are gone forever.

There is no coming back.

And you never know when it’s gonna happen, it just does.

And to think that the last time you spoke to somebody was good or bad is terrifying.

What if your last conversation was an argument? Or maybe it could have been you saying that you love them. But you never know before it happens. Honestly what I’ve learned is that you should never let an argument ruin a relationship because 99% of the time the arguments are meaningless.

Before you leave somebody make sure they know you appreciate them. Because what happens if they die, you would want them to know how much you love and care for them.

Because the truth is we do know what we have, we just never expect that we’d lose it.

We never really learned not to take things for granted.

But our lives are precious and can be taken away in a blink of an eye. Think how long it takes to blink. That’s less than a second, it’s such a small amount of time.

So don’t waste any time with those you love because that time could be your last.

And it hurts to lose someone you love, it almost feels as if your dying with them.

It’s a painful way of life.

We live and we die.

It’s a cycle.

So make every second count.

Have no regrets.