Love at first sight or lust at first sight.

Now trust me I love the idea of love at first sight just like anyone else does but love at first sight is from looks.

Therefore it’s lust at first sight.

What you need to know is that looks aren’t everything and they definently don’t last forever. Looks are just a bonus. And to be honest, no one is ugly everyone is beautiful in there looks.

What can be ugly is an ugly personality? If somebody has a horrible personality, don’t stay.

You need to find that person with a beautiful personality.

Personality is what matters not looks.

A relationship takes time and patience; mainly because you have to get to know the person first before you can be in love with them.

In the end, love has no requirements.

Love can happen between to wildly different people.

You don’t have to be a certain age, weigh a certain number, look a certain way, or anything to be in love. Love happens when you least expect it and it happens with anyone. Don’t be with someone just because of there looks, be with someone for their personality.

Answer this question: Why do you love who you do? If the only reasons concern looks, that’s not healthy. There should be reasons like oh their sweet, caring, selfless.

Love happens naturally.