meaning of tutorial in urdu

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A complete series of video tutorials for securing your WordPress site from being hacked, and these tutorials are in Urdu & Hindi.. 78 / 83. 79 / 83.).

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tutorial Dictionary Definition tutorial urdu meanings. we have 2 urdu meanings of word 'tutorial' in our dictionary, find and save ideas about meanwhile meaning in urdu on pinterest. see more ideas about urdu words, tutorial: embroidered flowers with french knot centres).

meaning of tutorial in urdu 1 / 83. urdu is an indo-aryan language spoken mainly in pakistan and india by about 104 million people., tutoring urdu meaning шїщ„ыњ, find translation of tutoring dili in urdu dictionary, the most accurate english to urdu of tutoring word with antonyms, dili ka matlab).

Tutorial Meaning in Urdu Dictionary

meaning of tutorial in urdu